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Miscellaneous Kendrick Lamar Videos From Before The Rap Fame
Real Name: Kendrick Lamar Duckworth | content: Bio , Photos, Videos

Beyond the official music videos and the rap cyphers, there's other K.Dot recordings from before rap fame that are valuable for true fans. The 'jewels' are the interviews where Kendrick talks about who he is as a person vs him as an artist. The complexities of his artistry are discussed along with details of the early parts of his career, when he was hustling just to become known.

DUBCNN Interview: Unreleased 2007 Footage

2010 Railroad Hip-Hop Interview

2008 Hip-Hop Trivia Show: Jay Rock x Kendrick Lamar

2010 DUBCNN Interview (After HiiPower)

Jay Rock x Kendrick Lamar Talking About 'Endo' in 2007

2009 Kendrick Lamar Vlog

2010 Kendrick Lamar Vlog

In the Studio Working with Privaledge

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