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Kendrick Lamar Videos From Before Famous In Hip Hop
Real Name: Kendrick Lamar Duckworth | content: Bio , Photos, Videos

Kendrick Lamar never was an internet rapper. He took his craft seriously from day 1 and only wanted to be in the presence of others involved with rap. K.Dot traveled hood to hood in Los Angeles & Southern California, seeking out neighborhood's best talents just to disect and beat them. Sometime, he destroyed them. Videos of some these rap ciphers and battles are on-line now but many are still yet to make their way to the web.

Beyond those cipher videos, much changed for K.Dot after signing with Top Dawg Entertainment. He began his professional career, including music videos that were shot with a creative crew that had visions. Kendrick released quite a few music visuals in these pre-major label career and thoe can be found here on as well.

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